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Djambi Tiddas Mentoring Program

Djambi Tiddas is a program initiative of the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement (AJA).  This program focuses on the recruitment, training & support of mentors for community members on Correctional orders in the North West area of Melbourne and is based at Separation Street, Northcote.  The role of the Djarmbi Tiddas Coordinator is to implement and manage the Koori Offenders Support & Mentoring Program which assists adult Koori men & women, who are the subject of a CBO, ICO, CCTO or Parole to complete their orders, by providing a planned community response and ensuring that Elders and respected persons are involved in the program to provide support, advice and cultural connection to offenders.


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Support Worker

150 Separation Street, Northcote Victoria 3070
Tel : 03 9481 2666   Fax : 03 9486 3034