Clinical Services Unit

The Clinical Services Unit (CSU) is responsible for the clinical assessment, admission processes, case management monitoring and provision of counselling services for all referrals to the Ngwala network of Residential Rehabilitation Centres.

The CSU screens all prospective clients and utilises the Victoria Department of Health AOD sector, Comprehensive Assessment Tool and other documents to ensure a thorough assessment process. This information allows Ngwala to make informed clinical decisions on the client’s suitability for the program and the treatment goals and needs of each individual client. This process also enables us to determine which Centre best suits and what early interventions are needed.

The role of the Clinical Services Manager is to facilitate the intake process, monitor the Individual Treatment/Exit Plans and to regularly audit client files to ensure compliance.

The role of the CSU Counsellor is to provide clinical supervision and oversight of the team of specialist internal and external counsellors, provide one to one counselling where necessary and oversee the clients with complex and challenging needs.

Both the CSU Manager and Counsellor work closely with Residential Rehabilitation Managers and staff in the development, implementation and regular review of the Individual Treatment Plans of all clients.

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